Tower Servers

A tower server is a computer intended for use as a server, built in an upright cabinet that stands alone.  The tower server is in contrast to a rack server or blade server which are designed to be rack-mounted.

Tower servers have easier cooling because the overall component density is fairly low, plus they are scalable due to the unlimited number of servers  which can be added to an existing network.  However the tower server is bulkier and heavier than an equivalent blade server or set of rack servers.  Cabling can be complicated for a large set of tower servers as well as them being noisy due to each tower server requiring a dedicated fan.

HP ProLiant Servers
• HP ProLiant ML10• HP ProLiant ML150• HP ProLiant ML310• HP ProLiant ML350
• HP ProLiant ML370
Dell PowerEdge Servers
• Dell PowerEdge T20• Dell PowerEdge T110• Dell PowerEdge T320
• Dell PowerEdge T420• Dell PowerEdge T620