Cloud Storage

Storing data in the cloud has grown in popularity over the last decade.  Benefits of using the cloud are numerous, including a greater flexibility in delivering IT services, increased speed in completing tasks and greater overall efficiency.  Other benefits of cloud storage include:

  • Cost Savings – companies using cloud storage avoid the capital expense of purchasing new storage equipment.
  • Security – in particular in private cloud environments, security is no longer an issue for cloud storage.
  • Data Retention – by storing data in the cloud, companies avoid the need to maintain support contracts and hardware updates for physical servers over the lifecycle of the data. Cloud storage satisfies a company’s data retention policies for less money and less hassle overall.
  • Scalability – storage capacity is easier to add with a cloud storage solution as it is unlikely to involve hardware purchase.
  • Disaster Recovery – it is highly likely if using a cloud storage provider data in the cloud will already be protected and so readily recovered should there be any issues.

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